I started brewing about 20 years ago, in 2000. At first, it was just extract kits in my tiny apartment kitchen, but eventually the hobby grew. I helped found the largest homebrew club in Southwest Missouri along the way, and, int he way it does, life happened.

I got married, had some kids, and eventually stopped going to homebrew meetings as time demands from my family and career eventually crowded out beer and brewing. As of writing this, it’s been about a year since I brewed, and at least 2 years since I brewed on my own equipment. Since then, I’ve made a batch of cider or two, and maybe a mead, but I’ve not made any new beer in at least 2 years.

Today, I found out this domain name was available for me again. It was the domain I had on my original brewing blog, so I snatched it back up because I’m starting a new beer adventure, and I thought it would be worth blogging about it as I go.

So, today, as I step into the adventure of building my new all-electric brew house in preparation for resuming the hobby, I’m also starting this new blog. I may be screaming into the void of the internet, but at least it gives me something to do to keep myself moving forward on the project, and maybe it will help you as you take on some of these challenges, as well.

I’ll also share recipes, tips, tricks, and maybe some science and things along the way. I hope you’ll stick around and join me. Thanks for stopping by.